Expert automatic gearbox diagnostics in Worcestershire

Once relatively uncommon in the UK, the automatic gearbox is becoming increasingly popular in new cars. While wear and tear on automatic gearboxes is often less than what’s inflicted on a manual version, they’ll still experience problems from time to time, and that’s when you may need a garage’s expertise. If you’re looking for automatic gearbox diagnostics in Worcestershire, head to the Clutch & Service Centre in Kidderminster.

automatic gearbox diagnostics in worcestershire

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Why Automatic Gearboxes Are Becoming More Common

Modern technology has brought about advances in the build and quality of the automatic gearbox, so they’re now no less desirable than their manual counterparts. And because they’ve become more sophisticated, they are capable of enabling road users to drive smoothly and efficiently at low revs, providing better fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions.

The market for alternatively fuelled cars – like hybrids and electric cars – is also increasing, and most of these now incorporate automatic gearboxes as standard.  

Spotting Problems With Your Automatic Gearbox

Of course, no matter how reliable any car or car part is, it can still go wrong from time to time. If you have an automatic gearbox and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, call our team at the Clutch & Service Centre. We can carry out expert diagnostics to get to the root of the problem, and then with your go-ahead, repair or replace the necessary parts with speed and efficiency.

  • The Check Engine light is lit on the dashboard
  • Fluid leaking from below
  • A strong burning smell when in motion
  • Gears slipping
  • The car won’t respond, won’t go into gear, or won’t move once in gear
  • Whining, clunking or humming noises while in neutral

Resolving any of these problems if you’re not a trained mechanic can be difficult, if not impossible. Don’t waste time, effort and money trying to fix it yourself – bring the vehicle to our garage and we’ll offer a prompt, reliable and honest diagnosis of the problem, as well as an estimate for fixing it. Call today.

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“From the initial phone call to picking up my car I found this company very competitive on prices, had a very professional attitude, knew what they were talking about, polite, prompt and very ‘customer service’ orientated being prepared to go that little extra to ensure a quality service!”

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